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An addicted individual can feel as though they are stuck in the cycle of addiction with little or no hope of recovery. Dealing with addiction can be the most difficult battle of an addict’s, or family of an addict’s, life. The longer one stays addicted, the more susceptible they are to negative, chronic, potentially irreparable consequences; physical, mental, legal, social, etc.

Our goal at Zephyr Medical Group is to help individuals in this situation obtain the medication they need, support them, and encourage them to work through the issues they are faced with because of their addiction. While addiction is not yet curable, it is treatable. We take pride in what we believe (and what extensive research shows) to be the most successful treatment method for opioid addicts.

Medication assisted treatment has been proven to be both safe, and effective in:

  • Diminishing or eliminating cravings for opioids altogether, which greatly decreases the chance of relapse.
  • Diminishing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms from opioid of choice
  • As these medications are legal to possess under a doctor’s prescription, they also decrease the chances of future legal issues associated with addiction to illicit opioids.

The idea of this treatment is to give the addict in recovery a fighting chance at a good life by keeping them sober, and focused on getting the necessary foundation in place for a positive, successful life.

At Zephyr Medical Group, we want to to help out clients celebrate one year of continuous sobriety, and we will be here to assist them through every step of that process.

If you, or someone you love is struggling with addiction and needs help, please give us at Zephyr Medical Group a call. We can help them work towards a better life.